CDSSS’ research activities are built on five programs:


Exploring the theoretical framework and implementing the concepts and theories in the field of security studies, military science and related disciplines.


Analyzing and exploring the concepts and actions of key state actors and intergovernmental organizations in the security field.


Analyzing and exploring strategic theory and concepts and prospective evaluation of military strategy.


The role and status of the Armed Forces and the military profession in the globalizing society.


Analyzing the recent events and phenomena in the main areas of strategic interest. Projections and estimates. International security organizations.
research papers

The full version of the following research papers is available in Romanian language. Since 2007, the Contents and Summary of these studies are translated in English.


Risks and Threats to Non-NATO European States
Epistemological Perspectives and Predictions in International Relations
Theoretical and Practical Approaches on Achieving Popular Support in Theaters of Operations
21st Century Atypical Conflicts


Assessment of Anti-Missile Defence System on the National and Global Security
The Role of Social Networks in the Generation and Evolvement of Political and Economic Crises
Migration as Security Issue. Case Study: Romania
Terrorism - The Evil of the 21st Century
Advantages and Disadvantages of NATO and EU Politicies on the Pooling and Sharing of Military Capabilities Assigned for Deployment and Support of the Armed Forces and Their Implications on Regional and Global Security
Implications of Romania's Participation in Developing Capabilities in NATO and EU Multinational Frameworks by "Smart Defence" and "Pooling and Sharing" Initiatives, Upon the Revision of Romanian Armed Forces' Transformation Strategy


National Security and Defence in the Context of Terrorist Threats
National Defence between Vision and Reality at the Beginning of the Millennium
The Global Economic and Financial Crisis' Impacts on the Security of NATO Member States
The Evolution of NATO-UE Partnership in Relation with the Determinations of the Poles of Power
Assymetric or Hybrid Threats: Conceptual Landmarks for the Foundation of National Security and Defence


Romanian Army Strategic Missions within NATO
Great Powers' Strategic Trends in the Competition for Energy Resources
Security in the Eastern Area of Mediterranean Sea
The Evolution of the Security Environment in the Wider Black Sea Area and Its Influence on the Configuration of Romanian Naval Forces on Medium and Long Term
Romania's Regionalization and Its National Security
The Capacity of the EU to Manage Military and Civilian Crises. Present State and Perspective
Long and Medium Term Implications of Social Unrests on National Security
Various Phenomena with Impact on Local, Regional and International Stability and Security
Military Strategic Management and Leadership in the Future Armed Conflicts


Potential Crises to National Security: Prevention, Limitation, and Resolution of Crisis Situations
The Role of NATO and EU in the Crisis Management in Western Balkans
Priorities in Romania's Security and Defence Architecture in the New Context of Globalization and of Participation in Zonal or Regional Treaties
Russian Federation - Key Elements of Participation in the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), NATO-Russia Council, BRIC (Brasil, Russia, India, China) and Possible Influence in Central Asia and Caucasus, with Repercusions on Romania
Romania's Military Strategy in the Context of New European and Euro-Atlantic Security Landmarks
EU Institutional Reform from the Perspective of the Common Security and Defence Policy


Consequences of Anti-Missile Shield Implementation Over the Balance of Power Concept at Global Level
Arms Race in the "Arc of Insecurity" from EU's Eastern Vicinity. Consequences for Romania
National Interests and the Use of the Instruments of National Power in Advancing and Defending Them. Study Case - Romania
The Romania’s Energy Security in European Context
The Role of Armed Forces in the Fight Against Terrorism. Forms and Methods of Action Specific to the Engagement of the Armed Forces in the Fight Against Terrorism
Contemporary Challenges to the European Security
The Role of the State Actors in Shaping the International Security Environment
Globalization versus Political Separatism


The Evolution of the Security Environment, Risks, Threats and Actional Elements within the Aero-Spatial Dimension
The Influence of Economic Factor on Security
The Army's Administrative Management During Crisis and War
Consequences Management
Europe: Borders, Citizenship, Security
The Role of Religion in the Future Europe's Construct
Capabilities Facilitated by the Network


War and Knowledge
The Symmetry, Dissimmetry and Asymmetry within the Nowadays Military Conflicts
The Private Military Companies and the Human Security
The Energy Security
EU’s Role on Providing the Global Security
The Influence of Ethnic and Religious Factors on the Dynamics of Security Environment
Defining Phenomena and Processes for the National Army's Evolution
Stability Operations and Human Security
The Role of International Organizations in Crisis Management from Black Sea Region
Military Aspects of Approaching the Effects Based Operation
Migration and Security
Leadership and Management in the Military

Operational Requirements in the Network Centric Warfare
The "Energy Weapon" in the International Relations Context of the 21st Century Beginning
The Security of the Interest Space: Actors, Instruments and Trends
The Management of Differences on Achieving Security in the Black Sea Area
The Optimization of the Romania's Armed Forces Structures Employed
in Military Actions Outside the National Territory
National and Collective on Romania's Defence
The Assymetric Warfare and the New Physiognomy of the Armed Conflicts
The Military Leader in Romania
European Security and Defence Policy - The Framework for Expressing and Developing National Security Interests
Perspectives in the Evolution of Security Organizations
The Ethnic-Religious Dimension of Security
The Year 2006: Strategic Evaluation
The Relations between Army and Society in the Context of Romania's Integration within NATO and Accession in EU
Perspectives in the National Armies' Evolution
Expeditionary Military Operations


Optimizing Romania's Army Participation to Collective Defence Activities
The Energetic Resources and the Security Environment at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Critical Infrastructures. Dangers, Threats on Them. Protection Systems
Actualities and Perspectives on ESDP
The Globalisation of Insecurity. Factors and Ways for Counteracting It
Perspectives in the Armed Fight
Host-Nation Support
The Civil Society - A Major Non-State Actor
2005: Events, Processes, Significances


Reforming Romania's Security System (1989-2004)
The Military and Post-Communist Societies in Transition
The Relations Between Army and Society During the Processes of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration
The Impact of the Romania's Army Structures Regeneration Employed in Military Actions Outside Romania on the Romanian Society
The Ethnic-Religious Component of Conflicts
The Relations between the Romanian Army and the Civil Society
Missions Undertaken by the Romanian Army within NATO and Their Implications for the Educational System from NDU "Carol I"
Using High Light Infantry Units as Expeditionary Forces for Imposing Stability in Areas Controlled by Terrorist Groups
Methods and Possibilities to Enhance Cooperation in the Black Sea Area
Collective Defence and National Defence in the Context of Romania's Integration within NATO and Accession in EU
The Romania's Army Missions Determinations as Part of NATO and EU
The Romania's Army Professionalization Impact on Its Relations with the Romanian Society
Romania's Army and Guaranteeing the Constitutional Democracy
Security's Non-Military Dimensions
The Globalisation's Implications on the National Security
Collective Defence - A Requirement for Maintaining the National State's Integrity
The Military Power in the 21st Century. Ways for Achieving and Acting as a Military Power in the Democratic Society
Ways of Preparing and Carrying Out Operations by the Romanian Army for Accomplishing Specific Missions Against Terrorism
The Political-Military Crisis at the Beginning of the New Millennium
Optimizing the Regeneration of the Romanian Army Structures Employed in Abroad Military Actions
The Use of Air Force at the Beginning of the 21st Century. Realities, Tendencies, Implications
Relocating the US Military Bases in Eastern Europe - Romania
Network Centric Warfare in the New Military Conflicts Physiognomy
Cultural Differences between Romanian Army and Society
The Impact of Joining NATO on the Romanian Army Human Resources Management
Optimizing and Adjusting the High Precision and Long Range Weaponry Systems for Asymmetrical Military Actions
Contemporary Terrorism - Risk Factor on Romanian National Security and Defence as a NATO Member
European Strategy on Integration
New Dimensions and Configurations of the Regional Security Environment (The Black Sea and Balkans Area)
Centers of Gravity's Recognizing Methods and Procedures during Armed Conflicts


Security Environment in the 2004
Romania and the Stabilization Process
Romania's Security Threats and Risks. Actuality and Prospect
Possible European Institutional Architecture
Military - Non-Military in the National Security. Army's Quandary
New Elements in the Study of National and International Security
Partnership Dynamic
Collective Defence and National Defence
NATO and EU. Determinations and Finalities
Geopolitics. Energy Resources Dependencies
Armed Fighting Trends
Social, Psycho-social and Legal Determinations of the Romanian Army's Missions
Dynamic of the Romanian Army's Missions
Goal's Dynamic in Military Operations
Instability Sources
NATO Between Certainties and Expectations
Rapid Reaction in Military Operations
Technology and Intelligence in the Military Conflict
Crisis and Instability in Europe
Military Operations Physiognomy
Force Projection. Determinations
Network Centric Warfare and the Future of Military Strategy
National Security Threats