With almost two decades of experience, the Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies (CDSSS) has a particular profile within the „Carol I” National Defence University (ROU NDU), as a functional unit for fundamental research in the field of national defence and security.

The CDSSS was established by the order of Minister of National Defence M.S. 138/31.10.2000 with the name of Center for Strategic Studies of Security. In 2002, it was re-subordinated from the General Staff to the Academy for Advanced Military Studies. The current name of the Centre was adopted with the change of the Academy's name to National Defence University (Academic year 2003/2004).

CDSSS aims to meet the strategic challenges of the contemporary security environment and military science as a whole, through the development, implementation and dissemination of knowledge and research results, active-participative presence in the national and international scientific research arena and, not least, being engaged in the education process of ROU NDU and providing advice and specific services to institutions and organizations with responsibilities in the field of security and defence.

The mission of CDSSS is underwritten to the broader goal of the ROU NDU to become the most important Romania pole of knowledge and scientific expertise with international recognition in the field of military science, security and defence; this is not possible without a tool to trace the guidelines for evolution of the components of this field. From this perspective, CDSSS is undoubtedly the cutting edge research in the field, with tradition and recognized prestige both at home and abroad, promoting activities and an impressive portfolio of high quality scientific papers.

• Provide scientifically based expertise for Romanian political-military institutions;
• Provide the theoretical foundation of the functions of the military component within    the overall security and defence framework;
• Investigate changes in the evolution of security and defence environment influencing    Romania's national interests;
• Explore the role of the military in the future operational environment;
• Systematic study of the Romanian society phenomena influencing the military field;
• Develop cooperation with similar military and civilian research institutions, both    national and international;
• Promote the security and strategic culture within the Romanian society;
• Support the strategic level training and education within the ROU NDU by integrating    security and military theory research results in the curricula and teaching process.