Strategic Impact is the bilingual academic open access quarterly, edited by the CDSSS in Romanian since 2001 and in English since 2005.

The quarterly gathers together a Scientific Board of academic professors and researchers who evaluate the scientific content of the submitted papers according to double blind peer review process. Previous to the evaluation, the papers are subject to a process of anti-plagiarism analysis ( Strategic Impact collaborates with leading figures in the field of national and international scientific research and military and civilian higher education, from the Romanian Ministry of National Defence, General Staff, military services, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, military units and other state institutions, non-governmental organizations, companies, etc.

The quaterly publishes strategic level analyses, syntheses and evaluations, but also points of view analyzing the strategic impact of the national, regional and global dynamics falling the following topics: political-military topicality; security strategies; military strategy; NATO and EU policies, strategies and actions; information society; issues of peace and future war.

Political-Military Topicality
Geopolitics and Geostrategies: Trends and Perspectives
NATO and EU: Policies, Strategies, Actions
Security and Military Strategy
Analyses, Syntheseis, Evaluations

Paper submission:
Articles shall be sent to as follows: 15th of December (No. 1); 15th of March (No. 2); 15th of June (No. 3); and 15th of September (No. 4).
The Guide for Authors can be accesed here:

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The Quarterly is a prestigious scientific journal in the field of Military Science, Information and Public Order according to the National Council for the Recognition of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU) and included in the following international databases:


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Strategic Colloquium

Colocviu strategic (Strategic Colloquium), the monthly supplement of Strategic Impact, publishes on-line in Romanian articles on national and international security.

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