The Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies (CDSSS), the main research structure of "Carol I" National Defence University, was founded in November, 1st, 2000, as a scientific research institution of the Ministry of National Defence, subordinated to the General Staff.

Since September 2003, by the order of Minister of the National Defence (MoND), following the decision of the Supreme Council of Country's Defence, the CDSSS has been included in National Defence University.

CDSSS' activity consists of:

  • elaborating  research papers such as scientific studies, conference proceedings, single author books or books that are the result of collective interdisciplinary research, and periodicals - the bilingual scientific quarterly journal Strategic Impact and its monthly supplement Colocviu strategic (Strategic colloquium).
  • organizing scientific events: a seminar and an international scientific conference every year and several workshops on defence and security topics;
  • participating with communications in local and international colloquia, seminars, national and international conferences;
  • elaborating proposals of research projects for national and European funding programmes;
  • offering expertise and points of view for proposals of normative acts of MoND.


  1. Providing expertise for Romanian political-military institutions;
  2. Providing arguments for the role of the military component of defence;
  3. Providing a theoretical basis for the place and function of the military component in main strategic planning documents;
  4. Investigating changes in the evolution of security and defence environment influencing Romania's national interests;
  5. Studying the Romanian society phenomena influencing the military field;
  6. Developing cooperation with other military and civilian research institutions, as well as governmental and non-governmental structures;
  7. Implementing security values through international cooperation.